Agro Commodities

Welcome to the agro commodities section of our site. Below you will find the details for each commodity offered. Here at JD we work hard to  provide results to our clients. Below you find brief detail on the commodity of choice. Our logistical experience allows us to supply countries across the globe. From its central office in the US, JD INT CORP makes contacts with countries in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.


GMO, NON GMO, various quantities available. Bulk and container loads.

Soybean Oils

Soybean oil, crude or refined, in bottled containers or in bulk.

Soybean Oils    
Sunflower oils

Refined Sunflower oil in large bulk containers. Other smaller formats available.

Sunflower oil

Olive Oils

Olive Oils, Extra Virgin, Pure, Pomace, Bulk format Flexitank, or other formats. Private labeling available.

Olive Oil

Bee Honey

Pure Natural Honey in 330kg bulk Drums. Premium quality. Other formats available.

Bee Honey    
Wheat flour

Wheat Flour, industrial grades available. 1 or 50kg Bags packaging. Other formats available.

Wheat Flour    

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-Specifics to the commodity of interest

-Specifics to the format or container size.

-Specifics to the quantity of your initial order.